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💻 WEBINAR   ⏱️ 22/11/22   📍 MICROSOFT TEAMS

Do you make sure to let your advertising work to its full potential?

The media landscape offers a wide range of touchpoints to reach consumers efficiently. But which channels or platforms do marketers mainly focus on and which, in contrast, are preferred by consumers? A gap which needs to be closed - especially considering dwindling budgets for 2023 and consumers being more skeptical towards advertising.

📊 With data from the latest media reaction report by Kantar and in-depth case studies from the field, we show you why influencer marketing can close this gap and offers an effective way to reach consumers where they want to be reached.

On the 22nd of November at 11am (CET), we focus on:

  • Why influencer marketing is and remains a strong touchpoint in the media mix 
  • How consumers perceive different channels, platforms and influencer types 
  • Which strategies promote channel-specific communication for efficient ad distribution

🔓 Let's unlock your ad's full potential with concrete tips for your marketing strategy!  

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Interested? Register for free for our webinar by filling in the form. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us at hello-influence@territory.group. We'll be happy to help!


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