The world of social media is changing rapidly: new platforms, new features, new influencer profiles, new collaboration options... It's becoming hard for brands to keep up and understand what's best for their strategy. On the 23rd of February at 11:00 AM, let yourself be guided through the digital jungle with a value-based approach for influencer marketing, that goes beyond the number of followers

This is the result of a 6-month research and analysis with the Macromedia University, based on a survey conducted with 46,000 nano, micro and macro influencers - registered on our Territory Influence databases across Europe and the USA. Our joined webinar on Teams will answer the following questions:

  • Who are the social media influencers? Discover 5 main personas.
  • What influencer persona(s) would work for your brand and market?
  • How should you address them and their online communities?
  • Where? From classic platforms to the new Tiktok & Twitch.
  • What are the trends you need to know for your 2021 plan?

The key findings will be illustrated with concrete brand examples and supported by marketing tips. Are you interested? Register for free by filling in the form. In case of questions, do not hesitate to write to


  • Rafael Schwarz - Managing Director, Territory Influence
  • Dr Florian Haumer - Vice Dean Media School at Macromedia University
  • Alexander Roth - Research Assistant at Macromedia University 
  • Delphine Benedic - International Marketing Director, Territory Influence


TERRITORY Influence was born from the merger of TRND & InCircles. With 15 years of experience and the support of the BERTELSMANN group, the agency operates in Europe with 150 experts. Its mission is to place humans at the core of marketing strategies by always providing the best solutions for brands to collaborate with relevant influencers and generate a real impact. Its clients are P&G, Nestlé, Beiersdorf, L'OREAL, Philips...

Macromedia University is one of the largest German universities for professionally-oriented courses in media management, design, arts, music and business management with around 100 professors and more than 3,500 students coming from over 80 different countries.  

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