Let's fight COVID-19 our own way!

At TERRITORY Influence, our mission is to place humans at the core of your marketing strategies - and this has never made more sense than during this period of social distancing. Therefore, all our local teams in Europe #StayHome but   continue to support our clients and our communities of influencers on a daily basis by providing...

3 special digital solutions:

  • #Engagement:  create long-lasting relationships with your consumers by brightening their daily lives when they need it most through a direct dialogue (e.g. giving beauty tips, food recipes...)
  • #Visibility:  stimulate  peer-to-peer recommendations of your product on social media  & blogs  to  boost your brand preference  for future  grocery shopping or online purchases.
  • #Sales:  improve your  e-commerce conversion rate thanks to  authentic ratings & reviews based on real-life experiences.

Agile adjustments to the situation: 

  • We are shifting to   #OnlineInfluence campaigns to support social distancing, providing digital discount codes instead of samples.
  • We offer the most relevant type(s) of influencers (nano,  micro, macro and/or star) who are #Available  and #Active during the confinement time.
  • We customize our briefings, so that influencers are #Sensitive to the situation when creating content (e.g. advice for home use).
  • We adapt our timing, from preparation  to activation phase, so brands can enjoy #ShortTerm outcomes on digital touchpoints.
  • We  ensure influencers get products to test directly delivered to their home - either with our #Logistic partner or by coordinating  online orders via  e-shop.

Our #Solidarity offer:

For all influencer campaigns booked as of today and starting between April and June 2020, we will donate 50% of our agency profits to the international #SolidarityResponseFund to help the WHO and its partners prevent, detect and fight COVID-19.

Are you interested in supporting your brand, as well as a greater cause? Our consultants are happy to advice you how to adapt your marketing #Strategy, and effectively engage with consumers online these days. Fill in the form or write to us on hello-influence@territory.group  💌. 


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