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Ratings & reviews are testimonials written by consumers, who have bought or experienced a product or service, and published on a digital platform: that is, a brand website, an e-shop, social media, or a review-specialized platform, like a forum. 80% genuinely want to help others decide by sharing their personal opinion. Some consumers are more driven by brands, whether to support them (31%) or to express disappointment (27%). Why and how should marketers leverage this phenomenon? What do you need to know before starting?

In this whitepaper, you will discover the:

  • results of a marketing survey involving 41,663 consumers.
  • learnings of two experts: TERRITORY Influence & gominga.
  • case studies of Shiseido, Essity, Samsung, Nestlé, BSH...
  • practical recommendations for your marketing plan

Are you interested in leveraging the power of ratings & reviews? Read our whitepaper by filling out the form. The download is immediate and free. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


Portraits (400 x 200 px)
  • Delphine BENEDIC, International Marketing Director at TERRITORY Influence
  • Christian DRIEHAUS, Co-Founder at gominga


TERRITORY Influence is the leading full-service Influencer Marketing partner in Europe. Part of Bertelsmann Group, the agency has a strong offline & online expertise with more than 3,000 campaigns over the past 16 years. Its mission is to place humans at the core of marketing strategies by always providing the best solutions for brands to collaborate with relevant influencers (Nano, Micro, Macro & Stars) and generate a real business impact. With its own platforms (TRND & InCircles) or white label solution, it sets no limits for its clients – such as P&G, Nestlé, Beiersdorf, L'OREAL, Philips...

gominga enables companies to globally manage product, location, app, and shop reviews and questions across platforms such as Amazon or Google. Monitoring, alerting, analysis, and interaction: business intelligence and customer engagement at the digital POS with the gominga Review Manager. Companies such as BSH, Gardena, Samsung, or Schwalbe use the gominga tool to increase sales and improve brand reputation.


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